Kalon always recommends having a trial done. This can be done anywhere in a location that you feel comfortable, whether that be your house work or at our premises. It is ideal to bring along to your trial pictures, photos or colour ideas of what you would like. If you are unsure our artists are more than willing and capable of helping you find something that is perfect for you.

Trials can be done on anyone, brides, bridesmaids, mother of the bride.

Trial – $50


Whether as a bride you want something soft and natural or dramatic and bold Kalon can cater to all styles and needs.  Wedding makeup needs to last all day with very minimal touch ups, so Kalon uses the best quality products. Brides often like to use a special lipstick that they can reuse in the future for special occasions. Kalon can either use a lipstick that you bring or can help you source one if you would like.

Bride – $90


Kalon doesn’t just stop at brides, we offer the whole package for you whether you have 1 bridesmaid or 7. Talking to one of our artists during a consultation or trial is the best time to decide what kind of make up may be required for bridesmaids. Whether they are to all be the same, or all be matching to their dresses or whether just a softer version of the brides look is what you are after.

Bridesmaid – $80

Others and Group Prices

Mother of the Bride – $70
Flowergirl – $30
Bride, + 3 Bridesmaid – $300