General & Special Occasions


There are two different looks we supply, a day look and a night look. The day look is much softer and less dramatic than a night look.The day look can also be toned right down to a very natural look depending on requirements. The night look is more dramatic with more colour and shimmer/glitter if requested. All makeup is done to suit you and your requirements.


We also recommend a consultation before any booking as we want to make your make up goes without a hitch. During the consultation we will talk about what the event is, what kinda look you are wanting, colour choices etc. Consultations are recommended to be done in person however we can do phone consults as well. It is sometimes a good to have an idea of what you will be wearing to custom suit your look.

Consultation via Phone – Free
Consultation in Person (30 mins, no makeup application) – $25
Trial- $50

Day Look

A softer more natural look, with subdued colours. This is the kind of look that you can wear to work, an interview, daytime date, graduation, wedding, anything that is a little more casual.

Makeup Day Look – $70

Night Look

A more dramatic, vibrant, or smoky look, with more intense colours. This look is perfect for date night, balls, formals, parties, corporate events, weddings, or anywhere that you want to make more of a statement.

Makeup Evening Look – $90

Themed Looks

Theme looks are perfect for a fancy dress parties, themed balls and weddings or expos like Armageddon.


Hairstyles can be chosen from a supplied list of carefully selected designs. If you have your own idea for hair then just mention it in your consultation and we will do our best to incorporate it.